I created this website as a side project while teaching myself the craft of screenwriting. I was a passionate storyteller, but could tell I wasn’t ready for my audience. So I studied narratives instead, like an amateur biologist studying the biodome, looking for clues on how it works and why it exists in the first place. This led to an intellectual adventure of sorts that spread to consciousness, dreams, religion and mysticism. Later it also seeped into propaganda, media and ancestral politics. As years passed, I remained an unpublished writer who sneered at pop culture, but couldn’t get enough of it. Something was missing in their storytelling which led me to re-write their works so as to find my distinct writing voice, my niche, a bit at a time. Some have called me a journalist, but no one yet has called me a creative writer but I believe I am on a better path with neither. My stories aren’t entertainment pieces, they’re conversations with people who loved writing and its origin story.